We ask that students submit a registration form as well as $200 deposit at least 3 weeks before the class starts. The deposit can be paid by:



Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica
Receipent: Espanol Personalizados Cerracos
Account #: 200-02-080-52827-4


With PayPal. Also, all major cards accepted through PayPal.

The deposit is applied towards the total cost of the program. The balance has to be pay before your program begins.

Paying at the school with:
• Cash (US dollars)
• Visa and Master Card. In case of paying with a debit/ credit card there will be an additional 5% surcharge to your balance.
• Wire transfer.

*ALL DEPOSITS IN AMERICAN DOLLARS. Personal or corporate checks are not accepted to pay the balance Personal or corporate checks are not accepted to pay the balance.


Our refund policies are simple. If you are unable to begin classes at your scheduled time due to sickness, injury or an emergency related to yourself or an immediate family member; we will give you credit to pay for future classes to be reschedule within the next twelve months, or we will refund 20 % of your fees on your unused class time. The homestay is not refundable.
The $200 deposit is not refundable. The administration will evaluate refund request on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to reschedule the start of your classes there will be no refund or penalty. In case of flight delay, we will work to reschedule your classes to compensate for the delay.

Missed Classes:
If you are already here and in classes, and you are unable to attend a particular day or days due to sickness or emergency, we will work to reschedule your missed classes.

Travel Delay:
In the case of a travel delay, the school will allow the studen